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The Roswell Fire Department offers an excellent career opportunity for the service oriented person. A position in the department requires a person of high integrity and the ability to work with people. An extensive background investigation will be thoroughly reviewed on each applicant, including driving records. Applicants with eight or more points on their driving record or a DUI/DWI within three years of application, will not be considered for employment.

The Roswell Fire Department provides excellent training, opportunities for advancement, a 20-year retirement plan, insurance plan, sick leave, and an annual leave policy with eight paid holidays. A deferred compensation plan is also available.


In order to be considered for employment as a Firefighter, applicants must meet the following minimum qualifications:

Must be at least 18 years of age.

Must be a citizen of the United States or be prepared to show proof of legal authority to be employed in the United States.

Driverís License
Must possess a valid driverís license. Must be free of DWI/DUI convictions for the previous three years. Must not have accumulated more than eight points on driving records over the previous twelve months.

General Health
Must be free from any physical or emotional problems which might adversely affect performance in job related situations.

Must have sufficient strength, stamina and agility to perform heavy work for extended periods of time under extreme weather conditions, temperature ranges, and under hazardous conditions.

Must successfully meet the physical requirements of the Fire Department.

Must not have any respiratory difficulties which would prohibit, or interfere with the use of self-contained breathing apparatus.


As a condition of employment, individuals hired as a firefighter must be certified as an Emergency Medical Technician - Basic (EMT-B) within twelve months from date of employment. Failure to qualify for certification as an EMT-B during the twelve months of employment will be cause for termination. The Roswell Fire Department provides the training necessary for EMT-B certification to all members of the Fire Department.

Successful applicants must be willing to submit to pre-employment drug testing.


The Fire Department processes applicants on an as need basis, normally during the fall of each year. Notice will be published when applications will be accepted. All applicants will be notified as to the exact time, date, and place to appear for processing.

Applicant processing begins with a physical ability test, then a written examination. After successfully passing the physical and written test phase, a composite score is determined. The top 30 applicants are then interviewed. Applicants are notified of interview times. Candidates judged most qualified will be placed on an eligibility list and offered employment in the order in which the names appear on the list as vacancies occur. The eligibility list remains active for a minimum of one year or until depleted.


Application forms are available at the city of Roswell Human Resources Department, 425 North Richardson, P.O. Drawer 1838, Roswell, NM 88202. Telephone number (505) 624-6700 extension 268.


Application forms are available during each year as announced. Contact the Roswell Human Resources Department for applicable times. Unsolicited applications and/or resumes received except during the time frame specified, will not be accepted, and will be returned.


The city of Roswell is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer and does not discriminate against anyone because of an individualís race, age, color, religion, sex, national origin, and disabled status in employment or provision or service.

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